Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, Las Quarter

Well, 2008 is over and my “8” key is still broken – 2009 is no better, “9” is broken too: I’ll still have to copy and paste to write the date. More importantly, though, Winter break is all but over. Today’s Friday, I play Beware-Ho all Saturday and Sunday I hit I-5 for the long trip home. All in all, twas a good break, but it could have been better. It was dominated by the all encompassing laziness of middle school summers when I would forget what day of the week it was. Sure I did stuff, but not that much stuff; a lot more could have been “accomplished” in the time period.

I sure do hope this period “off” will help me be more able to be “on” in the coming quarter. I have felt Fall2008 was a really bad quarter for me and “off” is a very concise way to describe it. I was off with school, off with my internship, off with my BS/MS application (So far, I’m all talk), off with being a good friend, off with following through with my promises. I wasn’t particularly on with Ultimate either. Started a blog, but had bigger dreams for it than its current state. Learned more about Crossfit, did a few WODs but wasn’t consistent. My shoplifting picked up, but got a little sloppy at times. Financial awareness? Really off – not that I bought anything lavish, but where did my checking account go? Practicing what I preach in general? Off – Im often hypocritical. I capped off the quarter with a stupid layout bid resulting in a fucked up shoulder. Off

Well, I sure have been bagging on myself. There certainly have been good parts, even great ones:

Living with grandfather for a bit.

Getting house with Casper and Luke

Furnishing house with dumpster doven / free / shoplifted stuff

Making new friends

Strengthening older friendships

Securing a lab position under a director who is crazily enthusiastic

Successfully went to Vegas for the weekend

Started a blog

Having a successful Ultimate party at my house

Running SoCal Warmup with mostly good results

Solidifying my grasp of Crossfit philosophy

Passing my classes with minimal effort (hey, it’s hard to do decently when you seem to be trying to fail)

Saw Third Eye Blind in concert

Tried some new things

Helped my roommates learn about how to live on one’s own

Ate better, no money to buy ice cream

Got some good facebook photos

Wow, I feel a lot better about myself after writing about the good thing.

Hoping Winter quarter is more of the latter.

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