Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pre Beware Ho

Check it. The teams for the BewareHo hat tourney got posted a couple hours ago.
Sweet - I get to play on a team with my brother, some old friends, AND our team name is Hitmonchan. ANNNND I get to be captain.

I'm certainly excited because this tournament is always a fun way to see old friends and make new ones while still maintaining a high competitive level. ( There are always a handful of Elite players: Jeff Eastham, Tyler Grant...Beau is coming this year - Ive covered him twice in my career- this time i promise not to get torched deep). But I am really stoked to be captain. I have had a lot of ideas about the way O and D should happen and about team dynamics, focus, fun vs tactical discipline, ect. but have rarely been able to take command.

I just learned I'm captaining when the teams were posted so I don't have anything elaborate but I can think of some things I will make sure to address/ Bring up / keep in mind:

  • Find the best girl and convince her to be my co-captain
  • Emphasise positivity in talking about teammates. Negative comments like :
  • "Stop getting broken!" are pointless and the singular thing I hate the most in my teammates.
  • When in the huddle, talk in ways that will actually improve performance as opposed to saying something for the sake of saying it.
  • Face the sideline, not up field, when checking it in after a turnover out of bounds
  • Have plays to get the disc off the sideline
  • Teach zone. Zone is killer at hat tourneys
  • Get the disc off the low side
  • NEVER receive the disc on the low side, look up field for 6 counts and THEN start faking. It would be way better if you didn't even look up field but only looked for a dump. At least stand at a 45 to the field so you can see the handlers. (I also want to work with pivoting back to the middle as Frank taught me in his Ballbreaker drill, instead of up the sideline, when a in cut is caught on the sideline)
  • Focus. Awareness. Concentration.
  • Staying in the game, even from the sidelines.
  • Have the mindset of always be cutting. Every motion, even standing still, should be about getting what you want. To think that you cut, rest, cut, rest .... is to allow your defender to stop defending you.
  • Trying not to "Force it" when its not there because the skill level is varied. Instead, work harder, be more patient and set a good example.
Wow, what a list. This is too much for tomorrow. A great way to lose newer players is to keep on talking and talking. I lost myself while thinking about what I wanna do as captain: look what time it is!

Ill read over this tomorrow but mostly I'm gonna play it by ear and have fun.


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