Monday, March 15, 2010


It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you the bad news. Tragedy has befallen the UCSD Air Squids.

Long considered one of the most important parts of the team and a dear friend to me personally, this old pal will not be with us this year.

I am talking about the Squid tradition to not shave one's facial hair the month before Centex. For some reason or another, the captains never made a point of telling all the the youngins that it is tradition to let the your scragly-ass facial hair run wild for Febuary and March. To quote '07 Captain Chucky,
"I dont care if you have a girlfriend, if you are meeting your parents for dinner, or if you have a job interview. Let that shit grow!"
I have always had ugly facial hair but it was kinda fun to do each year (Mine was so puny that freshman year I went the entire week with Just For Men on my face). Don't worry, I have been growing it for a while and there are a awesome few who have been growing it since before the start of the school year, but part of the fun was making everyone do it.

Alas, some traditions die if we do not breath life into them each year. Next year's Squids, I recommend you make a point of this.

Monday, March 8, 2010



President's Day Invite 2010 from Tim Gilligan on Vimeo.

its obviously the best song for a

highlight video.

Anyone can throw together some clips with this song; its practically made for a highlight video.

Using a song you'd never think of; now that is art:

More sweet work (and high quality music choice) from Shy and the Brains:


Sometimes I don't really know what I am doing in my life. Sometimes I'm lost.

But tonight I ran a 5:26 mile at the track. Not a PR, but an improvement from earlier this season. Then we had a ton more exercises... broken 400's, 200's, 40s, 25, and stadiums...
It hurt so bad but I kept pushing myself. I pushed so hard that I puked after the last stadium.

Thats the point really, to push yourself to your current physiological and psychological limit so as to move those limits a little further away. Yakking isn't strictly necessary, but it obviously shows that I did get close to those boundaries. It was a nice little moment bent over those flowers, a nice vivid reminder of my dedication to the team.

I "got it right" tonight. I won track practice, I did it correctly. At least one thing is my life is going according to plan.


Fake and pivot a lot, be spastic, but don't do any 360 spins.
Ultimate is like football.
Run a lot of 400's.
Throw to height mismatchs.
Cut from the back of the stack.
Open side.
Hi release= bad.
Stay on your man, no poaching, no switching.
Pivot upfield. If nothing is open, then look dump.
Movement is thrower initiated.
You get 1 fake to get open.
When marking, put your balls on his hip.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have been feeling really sluggish for the last week. I hurt, especially in my stomach. I have been trying to completely ignore this and this weekend I tried to put it out of my mind but I am not confident it is going away....

I am in the weird situation in which I have ignored dis-ease before to positive results. How am I to know now whether my lack-luster performance at Stanford Open and at Monday and Tuesday's track practice and field practice are the result of being ill or being wimpy?

I know that the frequent pain in my stomach is not normal, but I don't know what it could be or how that could translate to not being able to run fast at the track.

Do I know my body enough to figure this out? Should I go to the doctor? What could they even do? Yuck.

Normally, when I am not feeling well, I go to the weight room and that makes me feel better, but thinking about a barbell just makes me feel weak right now.

Have I been overtraining? What is going on?

The worst part is not knowing what to do.

On the bright side, I recently found the Radio Lab Podcast and its awesome. If you like This American Life (and you should), you will really like Radio Lab.