Monday, January 5, 2009

Post BewareHo

Its Monday morning and school started today. 8am class wasnt that bad; I have gotten up before the sun the last few days because of an Ultimate tourney and then wanting to get a head start on the drive south.

On Saturday I captained team Hitmonchan to the finals of BewareHO. While I though we had some good players [my brother is good in the air but is no Beau, who was on team Jigglypuff], I think we did well because we were in the right mental state as a team. People were making good decisions, playing within themselves, being positive, and having fun. While I came into it with lots of ideas about strategy, very little of that was talked about. I hammered the topics of focus, intensity, working hard, and the right mental state.
In the end, we lost the final, not because of something we didn't have, but because we could have used a few less players who were shaky with the disc and didn't know where to run. Bob's winning team had all competent players and thus less silly turn overs.

I had a ton of fun playing and captaining my first team was a great learning experience and a nice ego boost.

Props to:
  • LPC guys for putting on a great tourney
  • My brother Ben for being a smart cutter and sweet in the air
  • Corey for being so fucking ninja
  • Sticks for being calm cool and collected and having go go gadget spring boots
  • Danica Fong for being smooth and always open for a dump
  • Yelena Gorlin for being a sweet cutter and having some great hucks and also not getting mad when I screwed up your name {not many teams had nation champs on them. she won it all with Stanford 2 years ago}
  • Vac aka Cody Brock for being amazing at catching for a hs junior and also for allowing me to give you the nickname cause i didnt remember your real one. I hope it sticks.
  • Tim Bonnell for being solid. And having a massive Monkey-T-rex index
  • Lisa for suprissing me with your athleticism, throws, and lack of knowledge of what a pick is.
  • Natalie Mar for joining our team at the last minute and being solid, super athletic and skilled. And for having such a cute smile
  • Taylor for driving my car afterwards - my random leg spasms would probably make me an unsafe driver
  • My mother for finding me the perfect hat for this hat tournament

  • Matty Sung for getting my hopes up and then not showing {I love you anyways}
  • Hip flexor and hamstring spasms
  • Ankle sized potholes in the fields

Awesome tourney. Make sure you are there next year.

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