Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Great Thing About Olympic Lifting

...is that you feel really powerful. It just is the nature of the barbell movements that they allow you to move really heavy weights, long distances, in a short period of time. And as you know from high school physics:

Power = [Force x Distance] / Time

Heres what I did last night in the gym after track practice with the team:

Warm up with barbell technique, especially my push jerk - I felt that I didn't have to do a full warm up because I had just done 45 minutes of running, stadiums, agility drills, and throwing.

3 rounds, all with the same 42kg barbell:
5 Sumo-Deadlift High-Pull
5 Hang Clean and Push Jerk [most power cleans, some squat cleans]
5 Squats
Time: 6:56

Worked on some more technique stuff... my snatch is not very strong - I cant seem to do a full snatch-squat [my back just feels strange, guess I have to work on the overhead squat which I am also not good at [Probably a problem with ankle flexion due to sprains]].

Talked to the guy next to me about playing ultimate at ucsd. He played baseball for the last 4 years at ucsd but got injured and is looking for a different way to compete. He is seriously considering coming out for the Squids which is sweet: he was squatting 300lb over and over with 210lb bench presses. His name is Paul and he said he is coming out for practice soon. Squids, make him feel welcomed.


3 rounds:
10 squats while holding 20 pounds of dumbbells
10 65lb thrusters
10 full box jumps while holding 20 pounds of dumbbells [btw, if anyone is looking to get me a present, I want a weight vest]
Time: 7:14

Felt good about the workout and I managed to resist the urge to fall asleep all sweaty. Showered off and had a great night's sleep. Woke up this morning with that wonderful all-over soreness which is easy enough to get over but tells you that you really did work everything hard.

I am starting to feel real good about the upcoming season.


PS- I don't know if I have shared this before, but here is my absolute favorite quote about training hard by one of my favorite writers:

It's not a secret, but it bears remembering: If you do not flirt with pain and exhaustion in your workouts you won't know what to do when they start a conversation with you on the field.

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