Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last time I went to Nationals in 06, the Southwest sent:
1 Mamabird
2 Squids
3 Tide

This time, the Southwest is sending:
1 Mamabird
2 Squids
3 Tide

We were in the D bracket, we are in the D bracket.

The fields were very green with long, soft grass. Tomorrow i'll check out the fields and it'll be the same.

Last time, the weather was completely erratic: hot, cold, dry, wet, calm, windy. The current weather forecast foretells the same.

Last time, our downfield offense consisted of 2 recievers that looked like they would sky the crap outta you and 1 guy who could throw breaks all day and 1 all-arounder (Big Mike/Wormser; Thoopa; Nami). This year, Forge = Big Mike + goldmine of jokes. The other reciever has the best forhand jack on the team so you can't give him the under either. If you underestimate our thrower, Dibs will run you all over the field. And Hutch? Well... he'll sleep with your sister.

Last time I one the Spirit Award from my team - i knew the rules better than anyone. Thats still the case.

Last time we had some sweet drunken Alums hanging around. Match was especially good. The plans the same this time but I think Nami will be there. (Im expecting to hear "I taught him that" from Nami after any of us do something good).

Last time I foolishly challenged Match to a shotgun race and got killed but this time Im gonna beat that washed-up has been.

Its good to play "like you been there before" and I really have. Hopefully I'll get a little more P.T. this time around though.

Check out Jacob from Long Beach's twitter updates from Columbus - he promised he'll be watching lots of the Squids.

Good luck to all the teams at the Show except for the one we are playing at the time.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

On Deck

...the next 5 weeks of my life might be the busiest in my life to date.

Here is the Plan:
Secure a bio internship in the bay area for the summer
Find a 3rd roommate
Figure out grad school stuff for next year
Alumni Day!!!!
Learn Music Theory
Physical therapy rehab
Nationals in OHIO!!!!
Get sub letter for the Summer
Music Final
Final Essays
Get square with lab PI
Perform the greatest feats of sweet talking ever witnessed in order to...

...C's get degrees, C's get degrees...

Hulu and Youtube play no part in this plan. Tortilla-Butter sandwiches and espresso, however, do play a large part in the plan.

PS-if you havent read about how the Squids earned their bid to Natties, check it out on the SquidBlog