Friday, January 23, 2009

The Southwest Men

3 Bids, 11 Teams in the running, Regionals in Colorado

Alphabetized so no one gets mad:

  • Arizona - Break out year last year
  • Clairmont - Best run in their history last year, sweet throws from young players
  • Colorado - Duh, its Mamabird
  • Colorado State Always top 7 at regional
  • Irvine -SB Invite Qualifier Champs
  • Long Beach - SoCal Warm Up Champs
  • San Diego State - SoCal Warmup Runners Up
  • San Luis Obispo - Tied for 3rd at Sean Ryan this year
  • Santa Barbra - Duh, its Tide
  • UCLA - Wins over good teams at Sean Ryan this year
  • UCSD - Duh, its the Squids

There are the old standbys, there are the up-in-comers. I honestly feel that all these teams have a shot. This region is gonna be a dogfight.

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