Friday, January 23, 2009

College Champs, short

Great news concerning College National came yesterday.

20 teams, 2 bids per region, 4 strength bids awarded based on the previous year's performance.

Basically, everyone who has thought about the bid system has come to the conclusion that it needs to be fixed in some way. Expanding nationals is certainly a good move: when the 16 bid nationals was instituted there were less than 200 open teams - now there are more than 500. Not everyone will agree about the method of bid distribution and there will always be teams that don't make it to the show that "should" have and teams there that aren't as good as those that aren't. Still, it seems that when a "great" team gets left out, its the second team in a region with only one bid that year. See Tide's 14-16 loss to 'Bird in 07 when Colorado took the only Southwest bid to the Finals. Tide will (and should) always contend that they could have been a major player at Nationals, perhaps a semi finalist. That doesnt seem to happen with the 3rd place team missing a bid.

I am very happy: The UPA actual seems to be actively changing in response to players want. While I still have mixed emotions about C1 and Cultimate, let no one say their brash actions provided stimulus for the UPA to work on some problems quickly.

This news makes SB Invite all the more exciting. Its gonna be a show in Goleta this weekend.

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