Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Do not be offside on the pull. It is not hard, you simply start your run up 15 yards behind the puller.

It is the most basic of rules.

"We'll im only offsides in practice and games without observers..."

So you put yourselves at an advantage in every game that doesn't matter but put yourself at a disadvantage (never practiced doing em right) in the games that do matter at Regionals and Nationals. Sounds like a crappy strategy

Have some respect for your own training: you'll play like you practice. If its hard in practice cause you stay onside, it will be easier in a real game because you've done it before.

Have some respect for your opponent and for the game: In a self-officiated game such as ours this is the quintessential test of your ability to police yourself. If you don't care about following the rules, why are you even out here?

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