Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blogging's better than cleaning which is better than paper writing

Its Sunday night at 8. The week ahead is gonna be tough, but then again, I said that about last week and didn't really work that hard.

I have to:
  • Do a Ochem lab, which requires me relearning ochem
  • Finish[read: start] the grad school application.
  • Read texts for Philosophy.
  • Get back to work at my lab and make my work there more productive this quarter
This last weekend involved some pretty hard partying for me. Friday night, we hosted a party at our house. There was a good mix of Ultimate people and non ultimate people. It got totally out of control, but in a good way. Lots of people I didnt know - I just hoped my roommates knew them and that the strangers would play it cool. We'll, the roommates didnt know them. We even had people from UCSD's notorious humor magazine, The Koala. The hand stamps, guess the person we labeled you as on your back, commemorative mugs and multiple beer pong tables went over real well. At 11 we went lights out, strobe light on for the dance floor. People were climbing in my tree. People barfed. Old guys beat young guys at a boat race. My shed is in need of a roof repair. Neighbors were mad, cops were called.

The night ended when Casper, my roommate and I were handcuffed and interrogated. I didn't think disturbance of the peace was an arrestable offense. rest assured, everything is all right, it was pretty obvious to me that they were just intimidating me. In fact, I have always wanted to get my Miranda rights read to me. Missed out this time, but got close. In the end, it was great that they came, the party promptly ended at 1 and after clearing everyone out and taking stock of the aftermath, I was able to get to sleep at a reasonable time before 9am practice the next day.

I still can't find my electric razor or frying pan.

Saturday night I went to a massive rave on campus and then to a big house party. At 6pm I was barely able to move: party hosting, little sleep and intense practice lead to coma. Somehow, my roommate got me up and out the door. Even though I couldn't stop yawning, I stayed true to the adage that if one is going to party, they might as well party hard. I got home at 10am, ate some food, and passed the fuck out on the recliner [damn that thing is comfortable].

The house still smells a little of beer with a tint of vomit. Ah the smell of success.

Lei-Out this upcoming weekend. If I make it through this week alive, the tourney is gonna be a blast. Hope to see you there.

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