Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What if I should go to med school?
What if I should be a massage therapist?
What if I need to do something were I can run around outdoors?
What if I really should be a writer? Or a Philosopher?

What particular opportunities that I've had dispose me for real success; what type of success is it?

Is the right set of circumstances out there, waiting on me to find it or is that BS and I have to create it?

Do I overuse commas?

Why am I wearing this scalp massager like it's a hat?

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Mackey said...

If it were easy to recognize exceptional opportunities when they were presented to us (as Gladwell describes in his book), well...Gladwell wouldn't have had to write a book about it.

Do the best you can, keep a mind out for inefficiencies and times when you might be part of (or able to join) a smaller-than-usual population using a certain skill. Bill Gates didn't realize he was one of the only high schoolers able to program as much as he did at the time, but obviously he had a tremendous opportunity there. Doubtful it'll be so clear-cut for the rest of us, but you never know.

Just finished (well, almost) the book, and it gave me some good inspiration for a few ultimate posts I'll have up in the next couple weeks.