Monday, January 19, 2009


Wow, Lei-Out. What an experience. I'll surely write about it later, but dont have much time now - im off to track practice. It was definitly one of the most fun tourneys Ive been to. I guess thats the point of a "fun" tournement, but i was truely very impressed with how much I liked the whole thing. Th weather, the level of play, the commroadery amoung opponents (thanks for sharing Twist O Lime), the TDs, the old friends, the party, the elimination brackets, the finals, the team bonding. I love the Ultimate Community.

Think for a second, its up to you:
Choose: Do you play scared or fearless? Do you want the disc or do you hope your team scores without you? Do you hope the man you are covering stays out of the play or do you realize its 100% critical that you give your all to shut him down?

The truth is, if you are thinking about how you dont want to be important (and therefor not have the oppertunity to screw up), then you are not only not helping the team, you are hurting them. If you have realized that you arent scared to play hard and give it your all, then get to the track, cause the person gaurding you and that you'll be gaurding will feel the same.

So choose. I know that I choose not to be scared. And I choose to bust my ass at the track.

They are not afraid.

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