Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lei Out Jersey Trade

It really amazes me how this happened, but it did.
I have been playing Ultimate for about 4 years now, and I own exactly 1 white jersey. I don't even have any others that could be considered light for scrimmage purposes.

Freshman year we got lights and darks. This white was my favorite jersey in my possession - until I tragically lost it to a recent mishap where I left it on top of my car to dry and drove away. I had other stuff up there which I later found strewn about the streets, but not my white.

That first year I really looked up to a senior on our team named Phelps. At one of the last parties of the year at his house he gave me 3 of his jerseys. 1 white, 2 darks. A year later he randomly showed up to one of our practices to help out and requested that I give him back one of the jerseys - he realized he didnt have many as he had given out more than a few. I had only brought my own dark and his light. Damn.

Sophmore year our captains though it would be cool to have blues and blacks. Ugh... to bad all the first years had nothing to practice in if they were on the light team at practice.

I still have my light from junior year. But thats it.

So. Thats 6 darks. 1 light. I'm getting real tired of washing the same white for every single practice.

If you are going to Lei-Out next weekend and have and abundance of lights, lets trade. I'm a size large. You can find me by looking for Team Hazing. We're the UCSD team who decided to get dark crimson jerseys. Grrrr...

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808 said...

I have your YR white jersey sitting on my floor if you still want it. Word.