Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Last night's track practice included a timed mile. I though i would do decently because I had done some workouts over break and was feeling healthy besides the ankle.


And it was painful.
Last year I started with at 5:45 , ended with a 5:25 and felt good during and after each one.

I guess the 3pm pho was not digested by 6. I thought I was gonna puke that last lap. Ill have to work on my pre-track eating schedule.

After track, I went home, ate some food, did some pull ups on my freshy installed home-pullup-bar, promised myself I would shower, and promtly passed out on my bed all sweaty with my light still on. Needless to say, that was a pretty shitty night's sleep.

Oh, and on the subject of pull ups - does anyone have any good ideas for how to deal with pullup calluses? I have gone through a few and my hands dont seem to be toughening up.


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Mackey said...

There was something on callouses in a CFJ a good while back...or perhaps it was elsewhere, as I can't seem to dig it up with a simple search.

I hope you're not getting torn callouses? If you are, consider maintaining them with a little "shaving" rather than letting them get so thick that they rip. This usually involves pumice after a shower or something similarly rough.

If you're talking about just developing them...dunno what to tell you other than give it time.