Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anything Insightful?

This is my 100th post so I am going to go back and pick out the posts where I actually said something insightful. That was always the point, after all. Its nice to write simply to put it out into the vast interwebs, but I would actually like to Say Something. If you have ever taken the time to read something from my blog in the past, thank you; I'm sorry that it is less focused than it could be.

^^ - signifies one I like a little more than the others.

Without further ado:

Thoughts from Club Nationals 2009

Thoughts on Planar Faciitis

10 Stages of Wind Throwers ^^

Thoughts on Primalsim

Finally getting the Crossfit Movements Down ^^

American Made Fireworks

Similarities Nats 06 / Nats 09

Thoughts from Invite

Thoughts from PresDay which I TDed

Zone O Skills ^^

Trust Pt1

Trust Pt2 ^^

It must be the Shoes!

The Reality of the Team Mental State

Jitters Before the First Tourney of the Year

Don't Be Offside ^^

Sideline Talk ^^

Choose ^^

Olympic Lifting

A Winter Break Promise


Inner-Game links

I am a Mutant

Forcing It ^^

Some Pet Peeves

Great Ultimate Blogs

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