Sunday, December 21, 2008

A promise to myself, to my team

I wrote this up and printed it out to motivate me over the winter break. In the past, many players returned from the misused break in poor physical shape only to injure themselves in practice.

Not me, not this year. I am going to return at 110% of the fitness I ended with. Rehabbing my shoulder sucks nuts but thinking about this promise to my team makes the work a little easier.
Here it is:

Promise to my Team, Promise to Myself

I __________________ promise to not let the work of these last few quarters go to waste. I will use the strength and skills I have gained this fall as a base to build upon for the winter – I will not revert to previous levels of performance over the break.

Thus, I will stay in shape and even better myself athletically during the break. I will improve my disc skills so that I don’t require 2 weeks once we get back to have the same abilities. I will heal my current injuries and take preventative measures against injury in the upcoming season. In that vein, I acknowledge that if I do not prepare myself for the winter season correctly, I am not only idling, but increasing the chances that I will get injured when the competition is tougher and we will be asking more of our bodies.

I promise that when I am trying to decide between the easy option of sitting on the couch and doing the day’s workout, I will think of my dedication to the team and make the right decision. I promise that while running the 3 miles Kevin has encouraged, I will not do it lazily but instead imagine my teammates doing the same and pacing me, pushing me toward a more solid speed. When I could eat that bag of candy and what that third hour of TV for the day, I will remember last season’s Santa Barbra invite win and force myself to train, and train hard, because that’s what it will take to defend our title. I will snack on trail mix instead of candy bars. I will eat vegetables instead of popcorn. I will stretch daily. When I want to waste time on the internet, I will read Ultimate blogs, watch Ultimate videos, and post to the teams message board.

I promise to do my best for the betterment of my team.

Signed Date

--------------------------- -----------------------------

Go ahead and print this out, sign it and put it on your wall. Do work Squids

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Monstro said...

Thanks, that just gave me to do Dec 22nd's work out... 2x times w/in an hour. booyah