Saturday, August 8, 2009

Primalistic Philosophy

Warning: the cart is before the horse.

If every I was to be a member of a philosophical "school", I would be apart of the Primal School. This philosophy addresses a wide range of issues; most of them can be filed under lifestyle management.

Primal Philosophy is essentially this:
Figuring out how to appropriately treat our bodies and minds is a difficult and complex problem. We may be able to find solutions that work well if we make choices to put ourselves in situations that mimic the physical and mental states of our primal ancestors (200k to 10k years ago). The rational is this: our bodies and minds evolved in order to produce good results in response to such conditions; these good results are akin to a machine running well when used for its designed purpose under planned and scheduled maintenance.

This is NOT to say that we were Designed, in the big D sense, for Primalism. This is NOT about a creator making us a certain way. It is about Evolution having shaped us a certain way.

I must clarify a important point: Primal living may well NOT be the objectively optimal lifestyle but it is a great one with proven validity and more importantly: solid logic behind its prescriptions. There may be better lifestyles out there but they don't come backed up with logic.

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Monstro said...

so... does primalism tie in with your air mattress/ crate furniture u had in ur room this last year?