Friday, December 5, 2008


Last night I made a awkward bid on a poach attempt. I was amped up because I was angry at how I was playing and how my team was playing. I landed hard on my side with my right arm fully extended above my head so that the impact hyperextened my shoulder. A sharp, piercing sting blasted through my shoulder for a millisecond........ and then it just hurt. And hurt. And hurt. And slowly subsided but maintained a baseline ache. Did the right thing and stopped playing, iced it, took anti-inflammatorys.

Went to the trainer today, they checked it out. Thankfully, nothing is torn, ripped or sprained. Its just inflammation and nerve pinching. If I treat it right, ill be better in 4 days.

This great prognosis confirms my suspicion that I am part of the X-men:
  • I heal at outrageous speed. Did you see my bleeding ax wound at the Santa Cruz tourny? [no, not that one, the other one I got from laying out]. That wound is now completely gone. It was literally gushing blood and now the skin is merely a little discolored. I landed, with all my weight, on my very fragile rotator cuff and am going to be totally fine? I am Wolverine.
  • I can fly. It really isn't a conscious thing. In fact, it subconscious. Whenever I think about wanting to fly, I don't seem to do it right. The instructions Douglas Adams gives in "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" on how to fly are spot on. You can't think about it. You just have to throw yourself at the ground and miss. When I am covering an in cut tightly and the thrower puts it up anyway, there is no thinking. My body just responds by throwing itself out there. The first time you fly, and you will fly if you want to play defense correctly, is absolutely amazing. You will be in the Zone [which is just a word to describe being 100% focused]. You will layout, be successful and then go on running. You will get up without noticing it as if your laying out was just a continuation of the trajectory your body had the whole point. Then when the point is over, you will go to the sidelines and get some water, you will slow your motor down a little, take a breathe and say to yourself: "Holy Shit, I Just Flew!" I am Rouge
  • Blades, with uncanny and deadly accuracy, come out of my hands without me having to think about it. I am Gambit. [God he is such a badass.]
Ultimate allows me to be superhuman. When my laser beam locks onto my receiver and i blast a shot to him with supercomputer-precision, plastic-burning, and opponent demoralizing skill, I am reminded why I love this game so much: It makes me feel invincible.

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footpowderproverbs said...

Jumping off a cliff only hurts if you forget how to fly