Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crossfit, simplified

My last post about Crossfit, the fitness program I align my personal fitness philosophy with, may have been somewhat complex, poorly worded, or otherwise confusing. I want to clear that up.

What is Crossfit?
Crossfit is
-High Intensity
-Constantly Varied
-Functional Movements
Learn about these in 3 parts of the Crossfit prescription here:
What Is CrossFit, Andy Stumpf
What Is CrossFit, Pt II, Andy Stumpf

I feel the imeadiatly salient portion of the philosophy is the focus on Intensity. What is intensity as related to exercise? The answer is Power. The power referred to has an exact physic's definition:

Force X Distance = Work Work/Time = Power Exercise Intensity = Mean Power Output

Crossfit aknowledges the drastic importance of intensity in all fitness goals; this is the concept I most deeply align with.

Make sure to understand the explanation of the importance of intensity; watch this well put together video.

Combine this prescription with a implementation that is one of competition and sport and you have Crossfit.

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