Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Personal Ultimate Fault 1 - Forcing it

The biggest thing that I do wrong while I have the disc, is to get mad that an option isn't there that should be {or that I want to be there. I get angry the cut isn't in the right place, sometimes yell at the fish to make said cut, and sometimes throw to it just to proven that it was a good cut to have made.

This is THE definition of 'forced'. Sometimes I make the throw and feel very right about my thoughts about how people should cut. Sometimes, however, I turn it because I was not focused on the exicution of the throw but on my upsetness at the cuts that are coming. When this happens I instantly recognize that I fucked up [both in throw execution, judgment and focus]. Sometimes I swear at myself audibly. Phase 2 of this destructive cycle is to fixate on how its really the cutters' faults for doing the wrong thing. Then I get a little depressed when I remind myself to stop blaming my team mates and work on my focus. By that time Ive been fuming about the situation, in one way or another, long enough to TOTALLY remove any focus I had previously. Even when I 'force' a throw [yelling for the right cut optional] and it is completed, my mind gets wrapped up in what the cutters should/shouldn't be doing.

Angry Kevin [one of our coaches] said something really good to me last night. After a point with one of these occasions when the break lane cutter was just jogging his cut, probably because he didn't realize it was the right cut, and I shorted a flat-io forehand to him {and then openly yelled at myself for it}, Kevin said to me "You don't need to do everything for the team". This meant a lot from someone who makes it known he is a hard ass.

Forcing it sometimes scores goals but is ultimately unproductive. When its not there, its not there. Figure out what is there. There is no point in getting mad about the situation.

Lastly, a note on yelling at ones self. It is horrible. Stephen, stop that. It is totally the wrong way to practice or play.

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