Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yesterday's workout

The amazing workout I spoke of yesterday started with me in bed, rereading a book I finished 2 years ago. Blink, by Malcom Gladwell, is an extended essay on the realities of our split-second decision making capabilities.
My brother Ben informed me he was leaving for a track workout at our old high school in a little bit ; I stayed - I was feeling lazy and the book was good. But 15 minutes later I finished a particularly relevant passage and instantly felt so overwhelmingly compelled to work out that, I jumped out of the bed, ran out of the house, and sped to the high school. I had a blink moment.

Ben, his friend, and I did a total of 4 workouts with throwing and stretching before, in between workouts, and afterwards:

"Gotta Break the Mark Even When Tired"
3 rounds for time of:
Sprint 200m
Three man Marking drill x 12 throws total
10 Pushups
Sprint 200m
Three man Marking drill x 12
1 Stadium

Total time: 17:13

"The D Line goes on a 3 Point Run"

4 rounds for time of:
Sprint 100m
4 burpees , 1 start the sprint from the ground
Sprint 100m
5 burpees
20 second rest between rounds

Total time: 6:56

"Get Down on the Pull"
As many in 12 minutes total time:
70 yard sprints holding 5 pound weights in each hand. (Rotating so that only one person was running at a time. Then the next person goes when the latter person finishes).
When not sprinting, use a disc to practice pivoting and faking.

Total sprints done: 52

"Hit the Jackpot"
As many rounds in 7 minutes:
21 yard sprint
7 pull ups
21 yard sprint
7 squats
7 burpees

I finished my 4th round in 7:15

Afterwards I felt totally euphoric from the exercise high, made myself an awesome salad, took a long shower, and promptly collapsed on my bed for a nice 100-hour coma.

I am going to write an essay about the concept that clicked in my head causing me to jump out the door - something about Galdwell's passage in Blink about narrowed focus in police officers made lots of my ideas about focus, in the zoneness, and high intensity crossfit training fall into harmony. I feel a great piece of writing welling up inside of me, waiting for some spare time in my busy schedule of lazing around the house to make its jump to words. Until then, peace.

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Monstro said...

good stuff, nice combo of cross training for frisbee. Gotta love the satisfaction of hard work.