Friday, December 19, 2008

Feelings, Injury

I have been feeling drained, tired, slothsome.
Maybe it is just me finishing getting over a throat virus.
Or a shitty quarter catching up to me.
Or indulgence in vice.
Or injury constantly preventing me from feeling ok.
Or the cold outside sucking my inner warmth.
Or dissolution with the ease of shoplifting
Or all the food ive been eating

OR it could be the Los Positas Ultimate practices Ive been going to. Despite the temperature being sub 40, both practices I attended were INTENSE. We ran, ran, ran , drilled, drilled, drilled and then played HARD. It felt good to push hard [the only way to stay warm] in the cold - one seems to not tire as easily when he is never at risk for over heating. I could cut and cut and cut and only feel winded, not hot and tired. The next day though: drained.

On the topic of practice, I really liked how they ran it. Same ol throwing..warm up... drills...playing. Yet they seemed to have a more intense practice. That is certainly something that is going to be very important for our A team practices in the winter and spring.
To play intense, we must have intense practices.

Also, I thought some of their drills were good. The Cissina catching drill, tumble box, and the give and go drill are effective teaching instruments and i hope to bring them back to San Diego.
[they do sprints collectively for everyone's screw ups in the drills. I ended up doing 35 forty yard sprints on tuesday thanks to some of the less experienced players.]

My throwing shoulder is messed up. It sucks. I hate it. I want to scream when I think about it messing with my throwing capabilities. But what is there to do? Wait.

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