Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ways To Get Good Cleats On The Cheap

There are lots of ways to get great cleats cheap.

1. Ross and Marshall... selection changes week to week but some times you get lucky like my teammate who go 3 pairs of Vapor4.2s for $12 each

2. Eastbay. Prices aren't great when the cleats are new, but as soon as they run out of 1 size, the price gets cut bigtime. Also be on the lookout for good online coupons. A google search will help with that.

3. Ebay. Ive gotten many brand new $100 cleats for $35 from college football team equipment managers who have extra.

The key is to have your cleat needs in the back of your mind instead of waiting till your single pair blow out and you need some new ones ASAP. Having a few pairs that you rotate will help you never be in dire need like this.

In the end though, you should probably accept paying $15 more than you want to pay. I know we are in college, but you dont really have many expenses. Good cleats that fit correctly are totally worth it if you are invested in Ultimate enough to be reading about it on the internet .

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