Monday, March 16, 2009

Biology Final

...went ok. I was thinking hard the whole time. I dont know if this is a good sign or not, there was certainly stuff I didnt know. Yet, I feel I knew a decent amount, and if it was hard for me (a historically good "test taker"), it must have been hard for others, which is good for the curve. Understand? Not sure I do either. See the toll Finals week puts on my mind?

Worked in my lab today a little after the test.

Went back to school to work out at our gym. Started my workout at 5:30. Totally forgot about the team track practice at 6. Honestly, this wasn't one of those times someone conviently forgets. I really had no knowledge we had track practice (the one emphasised at Saturday's practice) . Honest. See the toll Finals week puts on my mind?

We'll, at lest the workouts were good:

Usual warmup & 2000m speed row with helpful comments on form from some dude on the crew team.

35 reps
115lb Clean (from the floor) and Jerk
Time: 11:33

This 5 minutes better than the last time I tried this workout. It really is a mental battle. My form is getting better as is my strength, but the real reduction in time came from doubled mental toughness. Amazing. Im not at Grace yet, but im working at it.

10-8-6-4-2 Reps of :
140lb backsquat
35 lb dumbell swing
35lb dumbell french press
Time: 5:46

Nice and solid, not too long.

Ended with some time on the GHD machine; i try to get some time in with this puppy whenever I go to the gym.

What I am really happy about, is that I am finding movements and weights with which I can get maximum power output. Too heavy and you gotta take lots of breaks, to light or too simple a movement and you dont exert yourself fully.

The key is finding how to exert yourself for a long period at high intensity without needing copious rest. Know your body and its easy to push yourself in the right ways at the gym.

Phil Paper, Phil Final, Ochem Final and then freedom: Centex and the Gulf Coast (like I need more beach)

Wish me luck.

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Ben Hubbard said...

Hazaa! for erging to warm-up