Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday 2-18-09

It was one of those mornings where you know you woke up at the exact time such that even if you burn through your morning routine, you will, at best, show up to your 8am class 5 minutes late. And thats what happened.

Sick, stressed, tired. When I got out of my last class at 8pm, a large part of me wanted to go home but the more influential part of me, specifically the part containing the balls, said different:

Warmup - good.
Thruster technique looks better, at lest with 65lb
Front squat 115lb abunch to get better at Thrusters. Ugh
Clean and Jerk technique - getting better

Pullup ladder - sucky.

5 Rounds:
10 reps 80lb Virtual Shoveling
10 54inch box jumps
10 pushups
Time: 9.25


35 Clean and Jerks 115lb
Time: 16.04


3 Rounds:
15 115lb deadlifts
15 GHD situps
Time: 8.32

Stationary bike for a while

I certainly noticed the lag from my shitty physical state and I certainly noticed a drog off of my ability to work as hard in the last 2 workouts. Even though one is supposed to rip through these "metcon" workouts, it feels good just to set a goal and finish it without great times or super high power outputs.

Time for me to fall asleep.


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Dangle said...

Where did you get into grad school?
Congratulations. Plus i heard from a couple of credible sources that you're a rock for the handlers, thats good to hear. Keep up the hard work.
Email me where you got into school and for what program