Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Ultimate Thesis Project

I think it appropriate for me to write a thesis about Ultimate - what did Jerry Maguire call it? A Mission Statement, a Memo? Haha. Through my last 5 years of college, I have studied Ultimate as much as I have studied the subjects in my classes. I think about Ultimate a lot: for all the times I've said that my blogs will be about lots of things, 90% of the content is Ultimate. Sometimes its hard to be honest about this, but i'll just put it out there: Ultimate has been my life for the last 5 years.

So that's why I think I should write a thesis. A thesis about Ultimate.

I promise you, this will not be hard because of a lack of things to say - if you have read any of my blogs or talked to me on the field, you know that I could fill a book. The challenge of actually being concise is what really intrigues me about this project.

So far, I imagine a "Thesis" about Ultimate could be about a couple different things:

  • The Unique, Strange, and Challenging Existence of Spirt Of The Game in our sport
  • Ultimate Offense and Defense strategy
  • The Unique Community of Ultimate players
  • How Ultimate is viewed by its Players and by Outsiders
  • Why People Play Ultimate
  • The Unique Niche of "College" Sport
  • Sports Psychology through Ultimate
  • The Rules (and their Ramifications) of Ultimate
  • Build a Winning Ultimate Team
  • The Mental Game in Ultimate
  • The Differences from the Top Level to Pickup in Ultimate
I'm sure that many of the sub-topics appropriate within each topic would find their way into the others and I am sure that some of these are way too general (especially the Strategy one). AND i'm sure I am missing something that I have thought about before.

So I would like to ask you, reader, what would YOU be interested in reading a thesis about? And secondly, if you were tasked with writing something long about Ultimate, what would your title be?


Brooks said...

Please no spirit thesis. It's overblown, at best, and at worst, causes us to focus on the wrong thing when we play.

I don't know if pickup vs "high level" is really worthwhile, either- I don't think ultimate is unique in its aspect of differing at different levels of play.

Strategy could be good (especially if you do something creative with graphics, but as that silly strike slip manual proved, you can fill pages and pages with mediocre stuff that nobody will ever read. I'm not convinced that print is the best medium for explanation, anyway- see this guy? It's the best explanation of unique facets of NBA basketball I have ever seen: http://nbaplaybook.com/

The ultimate community would be decent, though you need to get on the east coast to do more research.

You know what I would like? A personal narrative. You played squids for a long time! You got made fun of, you were redeemed, you were loud and outspoken the entire time you were here. If you dug up old pictures to show where you came from, and gave your unique perspective of how you came to understand the game, I'd definitely read that.

Anonymous said...

you know what this thesis needs?.....more dudes!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what level you are writing this thesis. But if it is on university level you ideas are way to broad. You have to break your idea down. Many academic people play ultimate but not so many write on the topic. I wrote my thesis on the topic, is expert ultimate players are better to judge traveling than beginners (I wrote it in english)


Stephen Hubbard said...

This isn't going to be acedemic in that I won't turn it in for review, but I would like it to actually be helpful or enlightening to someone. I'm shooting for interesting.

Yeah, maybe I should be more specific. I'm thinking: "The Challenge of Biased, Subjective Players Trying to Make Objective Judgements About Foul Calls in Ultimate".