Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loving Ultimate Right Now

There are good practices and bad practices and shitty practices and fun practices. And then there are those that make you really really happy to be on the team. Last night was one of those.

I wasn't playing particularly well and had some weird turnovers due to muscle fatigue (from the Crossfit Total I did an hour beforehand (new PR: 690lb). My team was not bad - we won our scrimmage - but we certainly were not good. The weather was nice, my new Speed TDs were fitting perfectly, I was running well, and our Guppies (new guys) were learning quickly and having fun. On top of this, our coaches showed me the list of guys they are considering for A team: its appropriately long and has all the guppies that I like. We ran a really simple but beautiful drill to teach cutting hard and making good throws when tired and I had the last goal of the night on a fast break bomb to one of those favorite guppies. Afterwords a different guppy threw down some meal points for my massive salad at the Dining Hall. Siting with 3 new guppies and 3 new Psychos (our girl's team), we recanted how cool the party I hosted was this weekend.

Moving on. I have big news: I will be going to Club Nationals in Sarasota to be an Observer! While I was thinking about future frisbee goals 2 weeks back, I decided that I want to be on a team that makes it to The Show - I guess if the Observers count as a team... well we all were the same uniform...

I am particularly excited because both the Men's (Streetgang) and Women's (Safari) San Diego teams made it which has not happened in a long while. I am really looking forward to hanging with these old friends and meeting new ones. I am also particularly excited because the UPA is picking up the tab.

Finally, I really must do a write-up of my Club experience this summer with the Bay Area's EndPhase, but for now: Thanks guys for a really fun time; I learned a lot and made a lot of great friends.

For now, keep enjoying disc.

PS- Carmalization torches are great for starting backyard bonfires mid-party.

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