Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Writer's Task

The writer's job is a hard one. He is charged with making generalizations and identifying zeitgeists but he knows that that every individual (because he is one) has their own multifaceted and wondrous experience that defy description- every generalization is gross. She is expected to find clever double meanings, half-puns, witticism, in-the-know allusions, and mirth in words but she knows that such things are false pretenses and distracting from what really needs to be communicated. Asked to write a report or a synopsis, we know we can only hopelessly fail as 99% of the story will necessarily remain untold. We all wanna be Vonnegut. If we write not enough, we will fall into the great trap of history - remembering only what we thought we should remember. But if we write too much, none gets reread at all. Any bold proclamation is willful hypocrisy and any silent enlightenment would make for a great blog post.

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