Friday, April 10, 2009

Sectionals Preview


Forge skys you over and over and over and then grabs the winning score with a reverse layout.

Bobble rips a forehand pull to the back of your endzone then jumps 4 feet higher than the rest of your team's jump to catch the swill you put up.

Dibs breaks you inside and then inside again and then you adjust so he breaks your around. His cheeks remain puffed.

Pumba's nose does not get re-broken. (Cross your fingers that Minnesota and their septum-deviating elbows don't show up in Long Beach).

Cork does the calculations and makes the play. He doesn't run more than exactly required though - he wouldn't want to get unnecessarily winded.

Soda is louder than the rest of the sideline combined.

Biel is faster than you.

Kenobi cuts and cuts and cuts and cuts and cuts and then you are gassed and he is almost done warming up.

Kattan ends up having more assists than anyone else because you want to deny the deep shot so mistakenly give the under. He manages to not throw a flat throw all weekend, only OI or IO.

You get demoralized. You lose.

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