Monday, September 13, 2010

Helpful Things to Say to Players on the Field

There is a short list of words and phrases that can be said by a sideline teammate that are actually helpful to the player on the field.

While on O
  • Toe (as in Toe the line)
  • Go to (Because your defender is going to make a bid on the disc)
  • Milk (Milk the disc for a little bit before catching it (in the endzone)
  • Greatest ( you must perform a Greatest to keep the disc alive)
  • Man on (You thought you were poached and now you are not)
  • You've got time (on a high disc, you don't need to jump just yet - wait to make a play)
  • See**Someone's name** (when someone is ridiculously poached )
  • See **Some throw** (when some option is obviously the right one but the thrower is not seeing it - examples: Hammer, Swing) (This mostly goes for DOffense players with the disc. If you need to tell your O-line players how to move the disc and what options to see, you need to reconsider the composition of your O-line.)

While on D

  • Inside (shift your mark inside)
  • Around (shift around)
  • No huck (no huck mark)
  • No Dump (shift all the way around to prevent all throws to the backfield)
  • Strike (Jump over to the open side for a count)
  • Team D or No foul (Back your mark up so the thrower can't draw a foul or an And-1 throw)
  • Drop (you need to book it deep to prevent a huck score)
  • Now you are in (your guy is only viable to cut in)
  • Aggressive/conservative (for in zones that shift between aggressive cups/containment cups)
  • You're last back (you should be aware to help deep)
  • Bid (make a play on the disc)
  • Up (a throw has gone up, often used for hucks)
  • Right Shoulder (a huck/dump pass has gone up and you should turn right to find it/ D it)
  • Left Shoulder (a huck/dump pass has gone up and you should turn left to find it/ D it)
  • Guy on your right/left/behind (telling defenders in zone were the threats are)
  • You've got two (telling defenders in a zone that 2 threats are in his zone)
  • Looking, Looking (telling face-guarding defenders that the thrower wants to hit your guy)
  • *Describing noticed tendencies of someone's defensive assignment: "He likes the lefty backhand
  • Peel (leave your guy to defend the open guy in the endzone. Often happens after your guy catches a huck just outside the endzone)

Am I missing any?

Conclusions: if you are saying anything else from the sideline like "Nice cut Mike!", your on-field players are tuning you out at best, but probably distracted from the task at hand. Celebrate after the point is over, not before.

Joke of the Day:
The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Highlight Vid of the Day: Wisco Women Whomping at PresDay Weekend

Game of Last Week: Cal vs Oregon NW Regional Finals 2010. Damn Ego looks good. Its all solid fundamentals... give-go, high speed of play, touch on every throw... 8:16 isn't fundamentals though, that's just straight-up Jedi.

Nail-Bitter/Barnburner Game of the Day: CUT vs Pitt, Qrts, Nationals 09

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