Thursday, February 4, 2010

In The Zone

"In the Zone" heightened "Blink"ing...

It can be attained during all of these things...

  • playing sports
  • rock climbing
  • weight lifting
  • having sex
  • drinking coffee
  • drinking alcohol
  • listening to music
  • being at a concert or dance
  • playing music
  • cooking
  • gardening
  • making art
  • doing hard homework
  • watching tv
  • reading a book
  • hiking
  • running
  • people watching
  • blog writing
  • driving
  • teaching
  • writing code
  • sudoku
  • prayer
  • running a gel, titrating a buffer, western blotting
  • just sitting

Or you could totally miss the opportunity... its really just up to you.
Just pay attention and try a little bit; its worth it. To get "in the zone" you must focus on the moment, you must figure out how to get the past and future out of your head. You must pay attention to the task at hand. Sometimes we think we are paying attention when really we are thinking about something else. You'll be in the middle of a lecture class and suddenly you'll realize you are thinking about what you are having for dinner; you be guarding a cutter and you'll tune out for a second and think about the last miss break opportunity. The key is to be good at realizing these lapses in focus and be able to return to your intended focus.

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Torre said...

reminds me of the Gary Mack's chapter on "white moments", in his book Mind Gym.

If you haven't read it- you should.