Friday, January 22, 2010

Lei Out 2010

So let me get this straight:
Your team name is "Hazed and Confused" which is a riff on last year's "Hazing" (which was a nod to the famous Psycho "hazing" of 2007) using the Led Zeppelin song "Dazed and Confused"?


And your shirts have a purple Jimmy Hendrix on the front... because his song "Purple Haze" has the word "Haze" in it? And you didn't actually use Led Zeppelin in any way?


Talk about a well thought out theme. Synergasm.

This year I was the captain of our team of UCSD players at Lei Out which basicly meant I fronted the money and got the emails from the TD. Thanks to Ariel "Ziggy" Whitman for doing much of the actual leadership stuff like "enforcing" our after-game hazing of the other team. I did make one important leadership decision though: originally the TDs had placed us in the B-bracket and I was kinda miffed about that; we were all UCSD A team players and were gonna whomp on the B-bracket teams. At the captain's meeting before the first round there was a team looking to switch from the A to the B so I jumped at the chance. Every single one of my teammates was really mad at me: this was supposed to be a fun tournament! It did not help that the first team we played had the famous Beau on it and crushed us 11-3. Here's the thing though: we drank just as much as if we were in the B, we actually won a game in our Saturday, and we got to be next to the 2 other SD teams and play 1 of them while if we had stayed in B we would be on the field farthest away from everything and near no one we knew.

Here is my last word on it: "fun" frisbee tournaments should not be just drinking events. We paid a lot of money to compete. I like trying hard. I have more fun losing a good, hard-fought game than winning a blow out. We are all good players who are serious about the sport. We can "have fun" and goof off but still play at a high level.

And you played a team named "Vurple Haze"? That must have been confusing.

After a pretty serious "ordeal" we finally made it back to the hotel (The Huntley), showered, and rallied for party with plenty of time to enjoy the tourney bar tab and dance the night away. I really really enjoyed the party. I was perfectly drunk to the level when I am an amazing dancer, everyone is my friend, I don't care much about how sweaty I am, and I couldn't get too pissed about my beer breath when I made out with those 2 girls because ... well... what could I do?

Party Highlights:
6 People complemented my shirt
5 People complemented my dancing
4 24oz Four malt liquor/energy drinks drunk
3 People mentioned that they read my blog.
2 Girls
1 Ben Wiggens coming up to ME and said hi. OMG HE KNOWS MY NAME OMG *Faint!* hahajk

Downstairs at the Monsoon (sorry LPC folk: the cool people partied upstairs)

One last note about the party. I have been making a conscious effort to NOT take my shirt off at parties recently. I think that while I have certainly been a big fan of it in the past, I realize it is sometimes (read: often) tacky - a thinly veiled attempt to increase the sexuality and nakedness of the party. It seems unbecoming, if you will. But I just couldn't resist when I found my way to the shirtless LPC team. Sometimes you just gotta take your shirt off and wave it in the air. When in Rome...

Sunday we walk to the fields from the hotel, play a really close game verse Joe Kersher's team (2nd Callahan-winner's team we've played) and lose because... well... many people didn't recognize we were in a close game until double game point. I tell Kersher how much I like him and everything he did for Arizona and for how classy Arizona is.

Then we beat some team by a lot. Then most of the team leaves to watch the Charger's game. Then the remaining people play the best game of the weekend. I finally get a sweet layout D, a sweet reaching layout huck score, and complete the best trick throw ever for a score to Meg. We win 12-10 but let the other team advance because we want to go meet up with the rest of the team.

In the end, most people had a really good time, only one toe got broken, and Im out a ton of money until my teammates pay me back.

Congrats to the Polar Bears for an awesome run to the Championship!

See everyone next year.


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