Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finished the Last Final

...of undergrad. I don't know what I expected, fireworks maybe, but I turned in the test and slowly walked out into the sunlight. There was no explosion of emotion, only calm contentment. Perhaps if I was not going back to school next year for the masters I might feel more definitely, but as for now, Im still sorting out a mix of emotions.

I started summer off right with 2 workouts at the gym. Haven't lifted, save the pull ups, push ups and squats I can do at home, or ran since Nationals and it showed.

35 115lb Clean and Jerks for time
Time: 9:20

4 Rounds for time:
10 full Box jumps
10 GHD Situps
10 GHD Back extentions
Time: 8:17

The Family are all coming out to Commencement Saturday at 5 and then... I don't really have a plan for this summer.Thought I was gonna be up there so I turned down the great job offer I had in SD. Then realized I was gonna have too stay in SD for one more class so I turned down a offer in Foster City. Then I figured out how to graduate on time so I don't have to stay in SD. But now I have no job. And little money.

We'll see. Hopefully ill be playing lots of disc, thats all I know.

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Cindy said...

Congratulations!!!! Was that enough exclamation points for you? No.


Talk to you soon, my dear :D