Wednesday, May 13, 2009


There is about a week left to vote for Callahan. Inform yourself:

Mac - Mamabird

Franchise - Texas
(no video but check out Match's article on him)

Jimmy Foster -Hodags

Will Neff - Michigan

Tom James - Stanford

Brodie - Florida

Since I can't vote for Forge first, I guess ill have to pick one of these slouches. Right now Im leaning towards Mac.


Monstro said...

1) mac
2) foster
3) neff

why not have a winner from our Region?

Stephen Hubbard said...

1) Mac
2) Forge
3) Foster

Also, whata you think about Coach of the year? I think it might go to Dollar which would be sweet but it will probably go to Colorado's or Georga's

Xhaylow said...

Low blow on the Brodie video. Funny, but low.