Monday, July 21, 2008


This is the blog of Stephen Hubbard; it was started on July 21st 2008. The previous sentence was - is- the beginning of what will surely be a long strain of grammatical tense disagreements, especially if you are reading this in the future and ESPECIALLY if you are from the future but are reading this in the past because you printed out the contents of my blog as reading material for your long journey to the time of casual sex and free love. ( Why would you travel to any time else?)

I have gotten side tracked already. Twice. Also, you will not be able to view the above link in the future because its a news site that probably gets taken down 6 months after publish. Also, you might not think that link was that interesting even if you did manage to follow it. Also, time travel is an interesting topic - remind me, dear reader, to write about that sometime.

Sidetracked. Again. An ominous beginning.

Back on track: I am currently 22 and I proclaim that I shall blogith thine thoughts, fears, victories, defeats, penis size, musings, politics, fantasies, dietary ideas, questions, troubles, recipies and first chapters of the great-american-novel
(s) I only start to write.
This blog is different that my previous live journal because:
-I am older,wiser, funnier, not as stupid about the world and the people in it
-I have read some good blogs and it really seems that maintaining a good blog is the cool thing to do
-My keyboard is physically broken so you won't be seeing much of the numbers one , two, three, four, and ESPECIALLY seven, eight and nine. Also, don't expect many parenthesis
( These ones had to be copy and pasted from another page)
-My old blog spoke of my OLD penis size. Now that I have upgraded to a new model I want to post its size without the confusion that might arise from 2 posts on the issue

This blog will be similar to my livejournal because:
-I am not that different of a person. I am really just the same person but with more experience. And a bigger dick thanks to The Powerful Prick Pumb 2100
( I copied and pasted those zeros)
If you want to find some interesting things out about me, check out the LJ. I read its old entries a lot- sometimes for a laugh, sometimes for a cry. Nothin' like the good ol days.

Its late so I am going to be. To all the futurites out there who have evolved away from the need to sleep: Please come back and teach me

You can sleep when you're dead.
-Thomas Murphy

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